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Proud Seagulls – A new LGBT+ supporters group | Gscene Gay Magazine – What’s on in Gay / LGBT Brighton

A new football supporters group is in the process of starting at Brighton & Hove Albion. Proud Seagulls will join the many Premier League and Championship clubs

Brighton & Hove Pride – Official Page


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Brighton & Hove Pride - Official Page

Channel 4 News
Gay people can still face the death penalty in eight countries.

In Nigeria, 98 per cent of the population believe society should not accept homosexuality.
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Channel 4 News


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All these countries mentioned cause far more atrocities around the world. Perhaps it's just an excuse to hide their own hypocrisy. Nigeria worst cases of rape and child abuse and government corruption. We all know the Arab nations are always at war and performing atrocities around the world. Russia speaks for itself. Asia is only just coming into the 21st century.

But in their backward society they can have a several wives as long as theyre 9 years old

And what do those countries have in common?

Love is love ,and it wins always ,

So can't help who you fall in love with

So very sad. Love is love regardless of gender. Xxxx

What a total PRICK!!!!!!!

Shocking still! Love is love 🌈

Not a single gay woman represented.

Kevin Mc Girr

Incorrect even your own video at Brighton & Hove Pride - Official Page in 2014 it is 76 countries but its proven to be more 🙁

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