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K i m v i (artist Kimvi Nguyen) will be performing Sign for Peace in St.Leonards next month.

Each weekend during the festival an artist will transform the space on top of Warrior Square Public Toilets into a platform for performance.

Working with white cotton handkerchiefs and individual branches, Kimvi uses maratime communication to spell out ‘PEACE’ over and over, until exhaustion. WARRIOR SQUARE CONVENIENCES
Join us each weekend for a performance atop the public toilets at Warrior Square – seafront side of the main road. Some are durational and some are repeated but all will make you see this unused space in a new light.

Kimvi Nguyen – Sign For Peace
On top of Warrior Square Public Toilets

Kimvi will perform simple actions by using a pair of white flags created from cotton handkerchiefs tied to individual branches. The white flags are to signify to all that an approaching negotiator is unarmed, with a desire to communicate.

The Flag semaphore method, adopted and widely used in the maritime world (from the Greek, sema, meaning sign and phero, meaning bearer) is a telegraphy system conveying information at a distance by means of visual signals. Information is encoded by the position of the flags; it is read when the flag is in a fixed position.

Each letter spelled out will be held in position as long as possible, before the next letter is created. This process will be repeated continually spelling out the word ‘PEACE’ until complete physical exhaustion.

Kimvi Nguyen is a Visual Artist based in Winchester, born in North Wales to Vietnamese parents she grew up in Southampton. Since graduating from Fine Art Sculpture at Winchester School of Art, Kimvi has continued to challenge her practise through creating site specific responses. These have included being Creative Den’s first artist in residence in Tamnougalt, Morocco, NCCA artist in residence in St Petersburg, Russia, Solo Exhibition at VDU Gallery Kaunas, Lithuania and Performance collaboration as part of IPA International Performance week Venice, Italy.

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Hear Now by Mark French

Hear Now by Mark French

Sep 22, 8:00pm - Sep 22, 10:00pm

43-49 Norman Road
Saint Leonards,  TN38 0EQ Map

HEAR NOW An evening with Trevor Watts & Veryan Weston
FREE, Seats limited so reservation is a must.

If you have tickets you will not be making use of please email so we can pass them on.

A new film by Mark French featuring a legendary performance by musicians Trevor Watts, Veryan Weston, Hannah Marshall and Alison Blunt. Recorded at Café Oto earlier this year and re-mixed by Trevor to make an extraordinary new piece of music.
This is followed by a live performance of Trevor & Veryan’s “Quantum Illusion” project. As a duo they have been at the cutting-edge of improvised music for many decades, from Trevor’s inception of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in the 60’s to recent collaborations demonstrated in the accompanying film.

Free music at its most visceral and tender, a roller coaster ride of note perfect emotions.
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Monsters of the Deep: Sea Monster Band

Monsters of the Deep: Sea Monster Band

Sep 24, 1:00pm - Sep 24, 3:00pm

Warrior Square, St Leonards on Sea, TN37 6, United Kingdom Map

Join us each weekend for a performance atop the public toilets at Warrior Square - seafront side of the main road. Some are durational and some are repeated but all will make you see this unused space in a new light.

LOUISE ASHCROFT - Monsters of the Deep: Sea Monster Band

In early maps of the world, drawings of sea monsters signified unknown marine territory, and since the beginning of cinema, such creatures have been rife in Hollywood. Today these beasts are experiencing a cultural renaissance, as images of washed-up monsters frequently go viral online.

Are they click-bait hoaxes striving for online attention, and if so, why has there always been this cultural need for ‘monsters of the deep’ as signifiers of otherness? Instead of answering this complex question, performance artist Louise Ashcroft has founded the rock band Monsters of the Deep and is organising a monster-movie music concert on the roof of a public toilet overlooking the waves, in the hope of summoning the creatures themselves. Exploring how we conjure monstrosity through sound, the performances will feature interpretations of soundtracks from monster action scenes in films like It Came From Beneath the Sea and Attack of the Crab Monsters.

If you’re a local musician or band who would like to take part please email

Louise Ashcroft has exhibited at The Government Art Collection, Latitude Festival, Arebyte, AVU Prague, TEDx Hackney, Turner Contemporary, Modern Art Oxford and comedy festival The Boring Conference. She studied at Oxford University, Birkbeck and The Royal College of Art and was recently in residence at Tate Modern and Camden Arts Centre. Louise makes live performances, videos and installations reflecting upon cultural behaviours and traditions.
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