In a frenzy of strobe lighting the increasingly introspective and enigmatic Radiohead delivered a tour de force in understated pomp and circumstance as they brought Friday night’s Pyramid Stage to a close at Glastonbury 2017.

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2 weeks ago


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I'll never see Radiohead again since they played Israel. Thom Yorke solo included.

Mr. Yorke, I tried to get a ticket to your event, and it was sold out exactly at 10:00 am. I kept refreshing to see if I could be able to get one, but ticket master blocked me from accessing the events page!!! As a fan I want you to consider this situation because I had the very same problem to get Radiohead ticket for Berkeley concert too.

I love Tomorrow's Modern Boxes! Too bad the reissue doesn't include "Youwouldn'tlikemewhenI'mangry" as a bonus, such an amazing track. He pulled both the album and additional track from his Bandcamp page. Let's hope this means a 24 bit digital version finally gets released.

You know 3rd party ticketer get 1st crack at the tickets before ture fans and that is how we get the short end of the FN stick!!

Danny Carlson I need to go to this. By the love of all that is good. Will you help me get tickets?! I'm scared it's going to sell out in 4 seconds.

PreSale tickets were sold out immediately, as usual. It's impossible to see any part of Radiohead perform. Used to be my all time favorite band, but what use is a band you can never see perform live. You are now DEAD to me. Goodbye

people on this talking shit about thom yorke are in fact the arseholes. just cause hes dj'ing you talk shit of him, that's laughable! hes a very talented person doing very complicated and intricate music to witch you must not understand, so, just because you don't get it doesn't mean hes an arsehole. grow up, stop following this page if you don't like it, nobody gives a shit if you're not going to see them anymore for whatever dumb reason. you probably wouldn't get a ticket to their shows cause they sell out within minutes, all those people cant be wrong, so, just get off this page and leave room in the comment section for people who love and get the band to express positive connections to their music. in the nicest way possible, kindly piss off.

Thom, please stay here in the states for a bit and help our country...we need your outlook and perspective more than anything else in the world.

Happy Birhtday for Thom and my son Ian(2 years old)!!! Yes my baby born the same day still i dont believe i am the luckiest mom in the world!! Jajaja πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

I hope i will have the chance to see the great Thom as dj again like at the boiler room. Minimalist set, cool tracks, bref le gars sait tout faire quoi... j'adore

last week when the presales and then the regular general public sales for the Thom Yorke Show in Oakland CA went on sale on Ticketmaster and even on the WASTE sites there was literally no tickets available one second into each time they were scheduled to be on sale "How is this possible?" I thought to myself. I have now come to learn that the reason is tech Bots that cheat all of the true fans out of the opportunity to see their most favorite artists is the reason. My question to you guys is Do you know this is taking place? and if you do then my question is How can you be Ok with this if it means the result is the fans dont get the opportunity at all to purchase tickets and if they do want to go they then have to pay ten to fifteen times the original face value of the tickets making it impossible for anyone to afford to go??? Something must be done about this to correct the problem, it is an outrage that someone can profit so much off of either Thom's or the Band's name. It just isnt right. It's Frustrating and it is Sad. PLEASE FIX THIS!! x 1212

Does anyone have the presale code for LA? I couldn't seem to get added to the W.A.S.T.E. HQ email list when I got the confirmation page -- it went to a blank, unworking page πŸ™

Thom Yorke DJ...What an asshole playing techno shit. I'll never see him or Radiohead again either. Him and Vedder 2 assholes that can't STFU about politricks.

Come to stupid shitty Florida please.

How is it possible that at 10:00 am and 10 seconds there were no tickets available? That's how long it took me to type in the presale code. What does one have to do to buy tickets the regular way?

I just hope that they will be streaming the AMOK Album, The Eraser and Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. πŸ™

Can anyone tell me how the W.A.S.T.E presale works? PLEASE

I'm Just glad to finally get the album on CD.

Andrea I could really go to this concert, in OAK 😬

Come on Thom. New York venue please ? My home is available upon request !!!

Presale 'sold out' immediately at 10am. Anyone get tickets?!


Thom you'll stay my first love, forever

cool sold out in a literal nanosecond neat

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3 weeks ago


Here is the BBC’s Blue Planet II prequel accompanied by the new track (ocean) bloom, a collaboration between Radiohead & Hans Zimmer.

BBC Earth
β€œTake a deep breath.” - Sir David Attenborough

#BluePlanet2 πŸ’™ (ocean) bloom
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BBC Earth


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Please let amazing musicians laying tracks to amazing documentaries be the next big trend.

Hans Zimmer, blue planet and Radiohead Milind. Buddy my brain can't comprehend the brilliance of this collaboration!!

YES!!! Watching a nature documentary with Radiohead's soundtrack and Sir David Attenborough voice, this is perfect. Life is good!!! πŸ˜€

BBC Earth! Blue Planet II! David Attenborough! Radiohead! Hans Zimmer! I fear BBC has cunningly contrived a device to read my dreams. Have .. to.. control.. my.. dreams...

What's better than the dulcet tones of David Attenborough? A collaboration between the two musical giants that is Radiohead and Hans Zimmer to accompany said dulcet tones. Utterly marvellous.

who cares about the new iphone...this is what IT is all about. We must save these creatures and our Mother Earth. Radiohead and Hans Zimmer are a match made in heaven. Wow!

Just astounding. Two of my favourite things together David Attenborough documentaries and Radiohead. Mind Blowing!

Forgot I was still following Radiohead. Time to unfollow though after all the pro-Israel b$. Way to stand on the wrong side of history!

Hope they catch some glimpses at a wild James Cameron down there, that would be amazing! The little fellow only comes out every 10 years to release his seed into the world.

Aline, fuck this planet. I'm moving to the sequel! Radiohead and sea life. Sorted. Back in a fortnight x

I'm so sorry... David Attenborough, Radiohead, Hans Zimmer, some of the most stunning footage I've ever seen... Did someone go into my subconscious and make this specifically for me?

Dennis Cobarrubias i think my heart stand still for 5 minutes ❀️ amazing clip : whats better than watching the deep ocean with Music from Radiohead + Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is undoubtedly one of the most good musical producer of the world. As always: good work! 🀞

Fabulous footage of such incredible species, what an honour to see and a delight to watch, thank you. These beautiful creatures living free in the ocean is so important. #BBCEarth #BBC #SirDavidAttenborough #BluePlanet2 #Radiohead please help to raise awareness and support an end to the captive dolphin trade. The cruelty of the slaughters in Taiji Japan is soul-destroying, with families ripped apart, calves dumped back out to sea having watched their mothers killed, the bodies dragged past them. A pilot whale pod experienced this yesterday and #dolphinproject are on the ground documenting it. It will only end if we raise awareness and let everyone know not to buy a ticket to a dolphin show or visit a marine park. Captivity kills and these amazing animals need to be swimming free in the ocean. Any support you can offer would be wonderful, sincere thanks πŸ¬πŸ’™πŸ¬

Amazing track by Radiohead! Sir David Attenborough is just as amazing as the planet itself. Prequel itself is mind-blowing artistic orgasm! Cant wait for watch Trent Brooke

Awesome stuff. If only the BBC would stop giving equal air time to climate change deniers we might have a slightly better chance of preserving some of this stuff.

The ocean, vast and now dying at an ever alarming rate, if I had a chance to sacrifice myself to change the ocean back to a healthy normal ocean I'd do it, I'd do it to help Mother Earth heal herself, so that we can all live in peace and harmony with mother earth

blue planet 2! Radiohead and Hans Zimmer! Sounds like we got something to watch at the Cory house over christmas!!! Stephen Wallace

Omg, radiohead and nature documentary and David Attenborough? Malena strap in, we're definetly gonna have to watch this

Melissa Richards.... this is pretty neat . Always been fascinated by Hans Zimmer and now collaborated with Radiohead?? Oouuu!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

Bliss for me is THIS. David Attenborough makes me cry with his passion and insight. And Radiohead?! Nothing gets me more...Robert van Weezendonk, let's watch!

Tom, Rachel, Justin. I am inwardly squeeing at a pitch and volume that would disturb much of the marine wildlife depicted.

This looks h*ckin beautiful! I feel a conflicted though ay. Radiohead playing in apartheid Israel has permanently altered my perception of them. I'll probly still watch this buut #FreePalestine

Interesting. My comment on the Dunkirk soundtrack was that it was the record Radiohead wish they could have made. Seems they are fans.

Grazie. Semplicemente una meraviglia. Questa musica restituisce la bellezza e l'emozione per ciΓ² che ci sta intorno Thanks Thom and Radiohead. Thanks Maestro Hans Zimmer.

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