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High fives and bear hugs to every one of you who supported our Flags In Place of War crowdfunder, raising an amazing £3,600 by sponsoring the strings of flags that will adorn the Shambala stage.

The money raised will be used to set up music studios across Uganda. These studios will be established in a Congolese refugee camp, a prison in the war affected region of Uganda in partnership with indigenous hip-hop artists and on a remote island in Lake Victoria which is the base of a community organisation that helps single mothers and vulnerable children.

Any generous soul who donated £25 or over was automatically entered into a draw to win 2 tickets to Shambala 2017 – the winner has now been drawn at random – congratulations, Malcolm Innes!

Don’t miss In Place of War’s bespoke collaboration, GRRRL, on the Shambala Stage on Saturday at 2:10pm. This performance promises to be something very special – featuring fierce women artists from areas of conflict fusing sounds of dark techno, hip hop, dancehall, reggae, soul and electronica.

(PS – see you in ONE WEEK! x)

Shambala Festival


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5 days ago

Shambala Festival

Oof! In love with this shot of our closing ceremony, captured by Guy Reece (Striking Faces) ... See MoreSee Less

Oof! In love with this shot of our closing ceremony, captured by Guy Reece (Striking Faces)


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Amazing show I was blown away...cried a few tears as usual 😂 beautifully performed and the music was great too xx

Best closing performance I've ever seen 🦁🦁

That lady was nails....

Was truly amazing 💚

Can everyone sit down so I can see this photo!!

Didn't get to see it, got to see the fireworks though. To far back from the lake edge so see anything

Always looks good over the lake.

Incredible. The best closing ceremony ever <3 so emotional. Thank you

Julian Bracey

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  1. Jacob Maskell-Key seems like fate 😂 😚

  2. If you are a “green”, environmentally aware festival, please can you tell me why you will be killing grey squirrels and teaching people ways to cook them? If it is as your literature says because you consider them an “invasive” species, then your thinking is extremely out-of-touch and speciesist.. I would draw your attention to the research done by Animal Aid and other groups which demonstrates that culling of grey squirrels is not necessary to protect the red squirrels (whose main threat is humans). Please reconsider your plans to kill and eat what you term “invasive” species (grey squirrels and crayfish) and instead make yourselves a really ethical, environmentally aware event by keeping the festival vegetarian – and maybe vegan in 2018?


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