Birdy – Glastonbury Festival 2017

With a perfect voice and delicious songs, Birdy held the Avalon Stage audience in the palm of her hand.


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2 weeks ago


Loved performing at the BFI gala last night 💙 ... See MoreSee Less

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Comment on Facebook You are wearing on your head in this photo an aureole. I found it yesterday. I might perceive it distinctive on my head? I love this wonderful photo of you! And how you express your face with dignity.

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Have played Beautiful Lies and Fire Within for the past four hours on replay and can't get enough...Thank you Birdy for the layered, very beautiful and deep music.

Dear Jasmine, you might unconsciously play "The Beauty" as Belle or Lucille. And I might unconsciously play "The Beast" (People-friendly esotericist, ...) or "The Monster" -> "The Beauty and the Beast" or "A Monster in Paris".

She looks painfully thin there, hope stardom isn't making her ill.

Bones and hair - she is perfect

is there any video link where we can watch this performance or even the entire gala ?

Wonderful dress for a beautiful star 😊

I read it fbi gala lol , this video is awesome <3

As I made in my rented flat one of a few screenshots of this video from your Twitter account (today at about 14:30 or earlier) I accidentally heard outside young women talking "Is Jasmine still together with him?". Regards to you! What about a date with you?

I think she sang better 5 years ago than she does now. Shame

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How skinny is that!!

Like an angel!

What a beautiful dress


So nice good job Birdy 😁


That dress, though! 😍

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Birdy você e incrível com essa beleza tão maravilhosa 🌈💙👌👌👌

Amo ,amo ❤❤❤💙🐥


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1 month ago


Thank you Electric Picnic such a special end to an amazing summer of festivals! Thanks to everyone who came to see the shows 😘💙 📷 @reubengotto ... See MoreSee Less


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xixi me and unicorn 🦄 in the front row of Pohoda Festival crowd. Thanks for tickets I found in birdcage in Hammersmith, London <3

The best summer in my live. It was my dream 😎 Thank you for Krakow🇵🇱 and Ostrava🇨🇿! 🦄 💥 <3 you were amazing!

You are wonderful Birdy.❤ Would you be interested in having a look at something very inspirational?? I am a self published author, poet, artist and photographer from Australia with cerebral palsy.I hope you are well my lovely xo

Birdy love you so much it's my birthday today I'm 17 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

How I wish I could see your concert live because I'm one of your fans but unfortunately I can not do less I can watch you YouTube

You are my favorite concert I've ever been to!❤

So looking forward to album #4. Hurry! I'm dying.

She should totally cover Garth Brooks The Dance and Shameless

An awesome summer for those who got to see you I'm sure. Great pictures Reuben.

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Julia Victoria Simba flick through the pics ❤️❤️❤️

who else really gets this ?

Birdy has a stunning voice xx

Poxa será que um dia ela virá ao Brasil?

Youssef tu la connais ? ☺


my lovely zangeres x l miss you

omg <3


Future plans for Greece?


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