Have a laugh, have a blast, and watch the crowd for celebrity fans…Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip is coming to take you away to somewhere special.

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Sweet Leaf Of The North tour, in place & announced... it would be lovely to see you 🎶🎶 ... See MoreSee Less

Sweet Leaf Of The North tour, in place & announced... it would be lovely to see you 🎶🎶


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Tom Hughes

Stuart Briely

Fancy Sheffield in Nov Julie Vause? X

Brighton 🙂 On a school night 😕

No Lancashire dates 😔

It's time the The Georgian Theatre, Stockton got with the programme and booked you lovely boys <3

When are you touring the south west ?

Bloody hell, all looks very professional! I don't see Hong Kong though which is disappointing......or Swansea! Get to Wales Mun!

18th Nov then yeah Andrew Metcalfe Katie Smaylen?

I was hoping Taunton was on the tour list, damn to far south I suppose!! there is life below pilton you know!! 😀

Thomas Kilburn

You go back and forth

If you can cross the Pennines surely you can cross Offa's Dyke. There's motorway all the way to Swansea these days, which I'll admit is a bit of overkill, but it's mostly quite handy.

Lukas MohnCherilyn CharltonRuth Worsley frome date in there

Oliver Ridge George Blewitt

Jamie The-Chief Beckwith Patrick Connor Simon Kendall

Proper tour! IMPRESSIVE! THE Big toime 'tis finally arroived!

Hope Harvey Tracy Harvey

Mark Williams fucking hell geeze doppelgänger ..

But what about the south Jonny Flockton?!

Chris Book frome! X

Keith Dixon

Ella Okore

Gillian Campbell

Yay!! Foxes at the ready, Sah!

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