Seasick Steve at Nozstock 2017

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5 hours ago

Seasick Steve

Bristol! Just over 2 weeks to go until Steve performs The Downs Bristol alongside Elbow Soul II Soul and De La Soul. Tickets here: ... See MoreSee Less

Bristol! Just over 2 weeks to go until Steve performs The Downs Bristol alongside Elbow Soul II Soul and De La Soul. Tickets here:


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Keep on keeping on Steve, best fun I've had at a gig was watching you.

Sonja ik heb de tickets Peggy we moeten vrij hebben

Nikki Richards if you're back in Bristol then sounds good! Jx

J'en veut une😉

Can i have one of your old Hats?

Barry Evans Steven Kerr

Blimey, Simon Jeremiah

Camille Bizouard

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4 weeks ago

Seasick Steve

what do you do when you have a few days off from touring?
fix your tractor of course
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what do you do when you have a few days off from touring?
fix your tractor of course


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See Kyle, here's another reason for ya to like him

Proper Tractor - its a John Deere. I used to have a John Deere "Tractor a Day" calendar on my desk at work. Sad I know but if I was to buy a tractor it would be a John Deere.

hey steve ! see you in vieilles charrues !!! whant you to sign my casquette but no pen !!! say you " see you in BRISTOL on september !!! i hope i'll be there ! very good concert with ron and you !!!! see you soon !!!

Love your music. It speaks my life. Im an artist would love to maybe do some cover work ,posters or anything you might want to have drawn. Im curently working with another musical artist for his concert posters.. ill do it for next to nothing cause im tryn to get my name out. If your intrested i can show some of my work.muck respect..Graywolf🕇🐺 that is all.

Reminds me of that Vince Gill number: she might have took my car keys but she forgot about the old John Deere. (Just mind that beard doesn't get caught in the works by the way).

Fabulous gig at Perranporth last Friday Steve !! Looking forward to seeing you at Carfest

Where is your personal number plate Steve... You can't be a proper janner till you get one...north Cornwall tractor's might do you a deal?!?!?...its all good.X

James Hill: Jude should get into this guy. He's very cool.

A proper Tractor too. Sami & Edward will appreciate this

What a great night in Perranporth last Friday. Hope France was as good. Hope to see you in Cornwall again soon

El q se compró con el dinero q le dieron para hacer el videoclip no Ramón Broceta Benítez??? 😂😂😂😂 Este tío es el amo 🙌🙌🙌

I see the problem. It's a green one instead of red 😉

Reices de Couso, a ver cando amañades unha xira con este xD

Carly Mann... His beard is looking extra fine right here.

Your tractor looks fine to me. Get back to work

Matt Mackenzie Steve has a grand taste in tractors 😉

Hey Nigel Ralph, how about this. Didn't know Sea Sick Steve was into tractors.

My tractor needs fixing as well Steve, but it's a red one.....😃🚜

Did they ever donate that gorgeous tractor parked outside Wembley last year ?

I actually love you 😍

Lei Achten...familie van dich? 😉

I spend more time fixing equipment than actually using it

George Shaw is this the look your going for love the guy not sure about the tractor color

Loved Bordeaux concert!. Made my year by getting to meet and shake hands with you !.i was the guy on crutches and The Who t shirt !..thanks for being the most approachable and down to earth famous person EVER!.ps We seem have the same ideas as far as relaxation is concerned!.my project being a wee bit smaller than yours and only two wheels but same colour!.. . Rock on mate !..

my old Harley was often refered to as a tractor, great night down at the watering hole last week✊

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Nozstock The Hidden Valley

Photo courtesy of Connor Irvine - Nimbus EventsFor the next few weeks, we'll be showcasing all of our talented photographer's work, and hopefully curing your Nozstock blues.

To start, here's Conor Irvine's take on Nozstock.
If you ever meet Connor, you'll be shocked by his bad jokes, but amazed by his fun photographs. He certainly likes to get in amongst the action.
More of his work can be seen here:

Get reminiscing and tagging party people!!!

To apply to be a photographer or videographer for next years festival, please fill in this form:
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